April 6 Lesson

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Today's Lesson with Ms. Jen

Ms. Jen was excited to see everyone this morning! The children sang their good morning song, recited their Pledge of Allegiance, read the calendar, and counted the days in English and Spanish. 

Today's lesson was about fruit. Ms. Jen asked the children what kinds of fruit they have at home. She also asked the children to look at their store-bought fruit and locate the country or US state where their fruit came from.

She also talked about a famous French artist and Post-Impressionist artist named Paul Cezanne. Paul Cezanne did many still life paintings of fruit. For today's project, she asked the children if they could make a fruit arrangement and either do a painting or coloring of their fruit arrangement. 

Share with us your fruit artwork by emailing it to our school or our primary email!

Have Fun! 







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