Craft Time April 15

Posted by on Thursday, April 16, 2020
Toddler Craft Time 10:00 a.m.

Ms. Annie had a really fun craft today. She demonstrated how to make Five Little Ducklings stick puppets. All you needed was a duck illustration or a printout online. Color or paint the ducks, glue them on a construction paper or a sturdy paper, and glue them on popsicle sticks. To create the pond, color or paint the back of a paper plate, pizza cardboard backing, or cardboard, blue. You can also use blue construction paper or felt. Have fun! 

Luke's Five Little Ducks project. 

Preschool Craft Time 10:30

We had great craft ideas from Ms. Jen today! First she showed us how to build a bird kite. Check this Pinterest link for directions. With the sun shining and the weather nice and warm, it's a perfect day to fly a kite. 

Another project is making a Mo Willem's Pigeon. We love Mo Willem's books and Pigeon has the greatest and funniest personality. This would be a great one to add speech bubbles. 

Lana surely expressed her thoughts. She misses her teachers and friends. 

We had a great craft time today! Hope you enjoyed our crafts! Thank you Ms. Annie, Ms. Erika, Ms. Jen for fun crafts!

11:00 Kindergarten Time

Our third year Primary Montessori met with Ms. Haidee to discuss this week's assignment. To start the class, they have a bit of yoga and story time. Then Ms. Haidee played the guitar and sang a song with them. For next week, they can share what they've written on the Little Explorers sheet. We're excited to see what they do and plan with the family!