Craft Time May 27

Posted by on Wednesday, May 27, 2020
10:00 Toddler
Here are the projects Ms. Annie made today with the toddlers. 

To make the giraffe, you will need a toilet paper roll or a paper towel roll. Draw the face on the construction paper and glue it to the roll. Cut little squares and have your toddler glue on the giraffe's body. 

We emailed the printout to this project to our parents. 

10:30 Preschool
 Today's project with Ms. Cresca is a ladybug windsock. Here are the steps

You can find the materials printout in this page.

1. Paint the toilet paper roll to any color you want. You can use paint or markers, crayons to color it.
2. Cut the circle from template and trace it onto black construction paper. If you do not have the paper, you can color the template black. 
3. Cut the circle for the wings and trace on red paper. 
4. To make the dots, you can trace the small circle or draw some black dots on the wings. 
5. Cut the lady bug head from the template and trace over black construction paper. You can also color the template.
6. Glue the body to the head. Glue the wings on top. 
7. Cut strips of paper and glue underneath the toilet paper roll. 
8. punch a hole in both sides of the toilet paper toll and string a ribbon or yarn. Tie of the ends. You can also tape the string, ribbon or yarn on both sides. 
9. Glue your ladybug on the toilet paper roll. 
There you have it! A cute ladybug windsock to hang outside. Please send us a picture of your ladybug.