Craft Time! May 6

Posted by on Wednesday, May 6, 2020
10:00 Toddler Class 

Good morning friends! For today’s art, we are going to make something special using our fingerprints. Ms. Erika demonstrated using painting our fingers using markers and making a fingerprint around the circle. You can use paint or other materials for coloring. 

After all the fingerprints are around the circle, you made a flower! Now save this because we are sending something this Friday that’s something special. So hold on to those flowers, and join us on Friday during music time with Mr. Taylor. Check you emails too this Friday! 

10:30. Primary Class

This week’s art is a very special one! Ms. Cresca showed how to make a heart decoration and crown this week! Check your email for the heart pattern and material list! This project is perfect for Mother's Day! Mom can wear the crown this Sunday for Mother's Day!