Craft Time!

Posted by on Thursday, April 9, 2020

Craft Time!

April 9

Toddler Teachers, Ms. Annie and Ms. Erika created a cute craft for the toddlers. They asked each family to prepare materials for the Bunny craft. With the help of their parents, the children were able to follow the step by step directions given. The result were adorable bunnies!

In the primary class, Ms. Jen demonstrated three crafts. First was the Bunny Spoon craft, next was the toilet paper roll craft, and lastly the Volcano Egg Coloring, which was a wonderful experiment the children can do while coloring their eggs. 

Here are some of the materials. 

If you don't have paper, the cardboard from cereal boxes or snack
boxes are a great alternative. Save your paper towel rolls too!


  • To color the hard boiled eggs, mix baking soda with food coloring. 
  • Add a little bit of water. Mix to form a pasty consistency. 
  • Place the eggs in a small bowl or glass and paint them with the colored baking soda mixture. Note that your hands will get the dye from the food coloring, so either use tongs or have colorful fingers for Easter! 
  • Put vinegar (you can use any: apple cider, rice vinegar or plain old kitchen vinegar.)  in a container, preferably something you can squirt like a ketchup squeeze bottle. Otherwise using a spoon to pour the vinegar over the eggs. 
  • Observe the fizz and the bubbling effect on the egg! Have your child describe what they see. 
  • Pat dry the eggs with a paper towel. Leave them out to dry and use the eggs for your egg hunt or to eat at a later time.