Lesson April 28

Posted by on Tuesday, April 28, 2020
10:00 Toddler Class

Happy Tuesday to all! It’s April 28. We are almost at the end of the month! It was nice to see everyone today! Ms. Annie started with the Good Morning song! Our friends followed her sign language! 

Ms. Erika started with a story this morning. She read We’re Going on a Lion Hunt by Joe Mathieu. The children had a fun time gesturing the actions in the story. 

Ms. Annie started with a numbers lesson. She counted 1-10 with the little ones. Then, she sang the numbers song and did some jumping jacks counting 1-10. Practice counting and on Thursday, we are going to learn more numbers. 

10:30 Primary

Good Morning friends! We were happy to see our friends today. Ms. Jen started with our weather and read a poem by Shel Silverstein. Last week we learned about reptiles. We had some cool reptile art too! 

Nyssa and Sebastian's snakes

Our lesson this week is fish. What makes a fish? Ms. Jen talked that fish have are cold-blooded, live in water, have gills to breathe, have swim bladders to float, and have fins to move. 

For this week's lesson. we have a parts of a fish coloring in our calendar.  Children can also draw their own fish and label the parts. 

This week's project is fish in the ocean. To create this water resistant artwork, you would need crayons and water color.