Lesson June 9

Posted by on Tuesday, June 9, 2020
10:00 Toddler Class

Ms. Erika and Ms. Annie are happy to see everyone this morning! Ms. Annie started with a dinosaur story, How do Dinosaurs Go To School by Jane Yolen. 

Next, Ms. Erika talked about several dinosaurs like the stegosaurus and T-rex. Also in your pack are dinosaur footprint cutouts. This is a lacing exercise, and the fun part is that you can wear these and stomp around the house like a dinosaur. Have fun today, but don't scare mom and dad! 


Hi Friends! Ms. Jen was happy to see everyone today. She talked about this week's pack. There were some paint pans, dinosaur cutouts, and other cool stuff. Before making today's project, she talked about the the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth and talked that through their fossilized bones, we knew they existed. Discoveries of dinosaurs around the world made scientists study what dinosaurs looked like. Some dinosaurs have scales and some dinosaurs have feathers. 

Ms. Jen also talked about a special dinosaur from today's lesson - the ankylosaurus. This little one has plates and spikes on its tail and is covered with short pointy spikes around its body to protect it from predators.  Click here to learn more about this little one.

Many artists throughout history have many interpretations of what dinosaurs looked like. Ms showed a slide show of dinosaur art around the world, particularly about the dinosaur paintings of Charles Knight.  

After we saw some beautiful dinosaur paintings, Ms, Jen painted a dinosaur scene. Using water color, she painted the sky using the colors of the rainbow. It created a wonderful skyline. To paint the mountains, she used purple. She let the painting dry and after drying she pressed her paper to make it flat. After that, she glued the dinosaur cut-outs to make a dinosaur landscape. 

Please share with us your art by emailing them to us.