Lesson May 21

Posted by on Thursday, May 21, 2020
10:00 Toddler Class

Good Morning Friends! We had a fun morning lesson with Ms.Annie and Ms. Erika. To start the morning, Ms. Erika did the calendar. Next, Ms. Annie did a felt story book with transportation. She counted rocket ships, boats, cars, trains, and airplanes. After Ms. Annie, Ms. Erika had some fun counting activities. The first one was counting clouds with air transportation, rock counting with a dump truck, and counting trains. The children loved counting their numbers and quantities. 

10:30 Primary Class

Good Morning Friends! Ms.Monique was happy to see everyone today. She started with the good morning song and If you're happy clap your hands song with our little ones. After the songs, she read the book,  Next, the children sang the Days of the Week song. Next, Ms. Monique demonstrated how to do Animal Action using some action words or verbs to do the actions of farm animals. Here are the actions: jump, gallop, waddle, and peck. 

Our lesson for today was farm animals and their babies. To get a copy of the baby animals please check our website 
Lastly, Ms. Monique talked about a game you can play with your family. It's called Who am I?