Lessons April 10

Posted by on Friday, April 10, 2020
10:00 Music Time with Mr. Taylor

We had a fun morning with Music Time with Mr. Taylor for our Toddler and Primary students. Recording of the class will be emailed to our families. The children were happy to sing their Good Morning song. Mr. Taylor sang and played, Shake Your Wiggles Out. The children danced and enjoyed shaking their wiggles out! He played on the ukelele, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and ABC. Next, Baby Shark with the baby shark puppet. He taught the children how to sing the Lava Song. That's one of our favorite elementary songs and our students learned to play that song on the ukelele. Next, he sang Happy Birthday to all our April celebrants! To bid farewell to this week's music time, we all sang Aloha Oe and Goodbye song! We had a wonderful class, and the children had a fun time. Hope you can join us again next week. Please check your emails for music time! Please check out our MUSIC page in our Children's Corner for other fun music to listen or sing to. 

10:30 and 11:00 Spanish Time with Ms. Adriana for Preschool and Kindergarten

This week Ms. Adriana has a fun lesson and craft about hibernation. She greeted the children. They counted their days in Spanish and sang the days of the week in Spanish. Check our SPANISH Page to see printouts and calendar. 

She read Bear Snores On in English and Spanish. After the story, she asked the children if they knew of animals that hibernated during the winter months. She showed them animals that hibernate in the winter:
  • golden hamster- hamster dorado, 
  • bees - abejas
  • snail- caracol
  • raccoon- mapache
  • snake - serpiente
  • frog- rana
After her story, she made a cute bear project using the shapes the children learned to say in Spanish last week. Please go to our SPANISH page to see the print out of the bear craft. If you do not have a printer, you can have your child draw the shape or if they are little, to help them draw and cut the shapes. If you do not have paper, use cardboard from cereal boxes or snack boxes. These are great for crafts! 

We had a great Spanish class today! So, join us next week for another one. Please check our email for Spanish time from Ms. Erika and Ms. Adriana! Gracias, Ms. Adriana!

1:00 Craft Time with Ms. Mary Elementary 


Ms. Mary had some wonderful craft ideas today! She demonstrated how to do a Spring Bunny Wreath and 3D eggs. Please check out ART page for the printout and instructions to make this craft! As always, if you do not have the materials on the list, some clever house hold stuff can be used. Cardboard boxes from cereal and snack boxes, junk mail paper, old gift wrap, tissue paper, and store paper bags. If you don't have glue here's a how to make one. I remember making our own glue when I was little.

Next, Ms. Mary demonstrated how to make 3D eggs. You can use any paper.  We had some students who were eager to do the crafts. Thank you, Ms. Mary! We had a fun time creating art!

Also check our ART page for a fun bunny illustration you can draw at home! 

We had a great week! Thank you to all our teachers for their fun and educational lessons. Thank you too to all the children and families who participated. We look forward next week for more lessons from the heart! Take care and be safe everyone!