Lessons April 17

Posted by on Friday, April 17, 2020
10:00 a.m. Music Time with Mr. Taylor

Happy Friday! What a great day to have music time with Mr. Taylor. First of, we have to shake our wiggles out. Our students are shaking and dancing off their wiggles! After the song, Mr. Taylor plays and sings, Here Comes the Sun. Yes, we want those sunny days to come and oh, how we miss running around in our school playground! Mr. Taylor shows our students a rainstick. Click here to make a homemade rain stick or you can easily make an egg shaker from those left over plastic Easter eggs. Just add uncooked rice, little beans, or sand inside your egg. Glue and tape the middle, and that's it! You can add stickers. 

Our little ones are dancing and tapping to the beat! The kinders were able to play along with their ukelele. Next, he sings Brush Your Teeth song and the Bunny song. Sleepy bunnies, then hop, hop, hop bunnies, wiggle your cotton tails, and flap your flappy ears. Then, two of our friends sings along the story, Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle. The children had fun singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star with our volunteer singers. 

The kids sang the birthday song to our birthday celebrants. We had fun during music time and had to bid our farewell for this week and ended with Aloha Oe/Lava song. 

10:30 Spanish with Ms. Adriana for Preschool

Hola! Buenos dias!  We are happy to see everyone for Spanish today. Ms. Adriana sang the good morning song in Spanish and did the calendar. Wow, we’re in the middle of the month! Then the children sang with her the Days of the Week song. Today’s lesson was about birds, and our story is Little Green by Kieth Baker. Then Ms. Adriana talks about hummingbirds and how fast they fly. Then she talks about the ostrich. This bird cannot fly. 

Here are new vocabulary we learned today: eagle - aguila, crow - urraca, penguin - pinguino, pigeon - pichon, humming bird - colibri, ostrich - avestruz, parrots - perico, and duck - pato. 

Ms. Adriana demonstrates our hummingbird craft this week. Click this link to get a printout for this fun craft. 

We had a wonderful week. Looking forward to seeing everyone next week! Adios!