Music Time with Mr. Taylor!

Posted by on Friday, April 24, 2020
10:00 Music Time Primary Class

It’s Friday, and it’s Music Time here at MCDC At-Home! Mr. Taylor is ready to sing and play some fun songs with our little ones. We sang our good morning song, Here Comes the Sun, Twinkle Twinkle; and with the help of some friends, they led the group singing, Itsy Bitsy Spider and ABC.

Mr. Taylor brought new instruments to class today. He showed the tambourine and . Our students had shakers and their instruments with them to play along. 

Mr. Taylor played a bunny song, and our students pretended they were hopping and napping bunnies! They got to hop, hop, hop. They had fun!

We had a wonderful music time! Aloha for now; and until we meet again, keep singing and keep making music!