Elementary Arts and Craft Time

Posted by on Friday, April 17, 2020
1:00 Arts and Crafts Time with Ms. Mary

Today’s art presentation with Ms. Mary are fun crafts to do for Earth Day which will be on April 22, 2020. She asked the children what are the things they can do to help the earth. The children raised their hands and gave answers like plant a tree, recycle plastic bottles, water plants, plant in the garden, reusing other resources, reduce use by not letting the water run for a long time. Great ideas!

Three things we can remember for Earth Day are REDUCE, RECYCLE, and REUSE.

For our art today, we will me making some fun craft from items that you can find at home. 


Box or cardboard 3 x 6 inches (decorate, paint, or cover with tissue paper, construction paper, or wrapping paper)
Toilet paper rolls 3 pcs

Cut the cardboard in a square. Cover or decorate. Add ribbons or cut long strips to glue around the perimeter of the cardboard. We will use this as the base of our marker holder.
Decorate or paint toilet paper rolls. (With tissue, lay paper down on hard surface, place toilet paper roll in corner and roll to wrap around the toilet paper roll. Glue the corners.)
Glue the bottom opening of the toilet paper rolls and place standing up on the cardboard rectangle. Hold it for a minute. 
Glue the remaining toilet paper rolls. 
Leave it out to dry for several hours. 
When it is dry, you can put your pencils, pens, or markers.

Placemat Ring

Toilet paper roll
other decorations (if you don’t have items you can draw and color patterns)

Cut the toilet paper roll or paper towel roll about 2 inches. Glue ribbons or other decorations. You can also draw a pattern. 

Animals from egg carton

Egg Carton Turtle

Cut each segment of an egg carton
Paint it green
Glue googly eyes (buttons or cut out some circle paper and draw eyes.)
Design to make the shell and legs of your turtle. 

With this Earth Day project, we want you to be as creative as you can be. Look around the house for items you can reuse and create something beautiful. Look at old children’s magazines, cereal boxes, gift wrap, paper bags, and see what you can create. Share with us your art next week. Have fun!