Lesson April 16

Posted by on Thursday, April 16, 2020
Toddler 10:00 Class

Ms. Annie and Ms. Erika were happy to see everyone. The children were in great spirits and ready for circle time today! Ms. Erika started with the calendar, and Ms. Annie followed by singing the dinosaur song with felt pieces. Next, Ms.Annie recited the nursery rhyme, Hey, Diddle, Diddle. If you would like to make your own felt pieces of the story, here’s a link to get the printout for  the Dinosaur Song and Hey Diddle Diddle felt board stories. 


Let’s see what Ms. Erika has in her mystery box. She has Eggmotions! There were eggs with a happy face, a sad face, an excited face, a loving face, and a grumpy face. You can do this activity by either using the plastic eggs from Easter or you can make circle cut outs and draw faces on them. Place your Eggmotions or faces in a mystery box or bag. If you have those plastic eggs, you can add the first letter sound of the emotion. Have fun and share us your pics!

Primary Class 10:30 

We had a wonderful morning today! Our friends were happy to see Ms. Cresca and Ms. Monique. Ms. Cresca started with our flag salute. Next, she talked about the kinds of birds we see. There were hummingbirds, hawks. Others birds we knew of were ostriches, flamingos. She talked about what kinds of things birds do: they fly, swim, walk, or fly. For our activity today, we are going to observe birds and see what they are doing. We are going to use the bird tally sheet to record our observations. 

After her presentation, Ms Monique read Pigeon Needs a Bath. We love Pigeon stories from Mo Willems!

Finally, the Ms. Cresca planned a nifty craft for our little explorers: 


toilet paper rolls, paper towel roll cut in half, or rolled up paper
glue or tape


Put the two pieces of toilet paper together. Tape or glue them. 
Tape the end of the yarn on the paper towel and roll the yarn around the toilet paper. 
Tape the end of the yarn and tape the inside of the toilet paper rolls. 
Punch a hole on both sides of the toilet paper rolls and string with a different colored yarn or use ribbons. 
You can decorate your binoculars by painting or coloring. 

Have fun and enjoy your outdoor backyard exploration! Share with us your pictures!