Lesson April 21

Posted by on Tuesday, April 21, 2020
10:00 Toddler Class

Good Morning everyone! It is our fifth week doing online class! Our toddlers are ready for class this morning. I think we’re getting the hang of distance learning. Ms. Erika sang the “good morning” song, and Ms. Annie did some stretching with the song, “If You’re Happy and You Know It”. 

Ms. Annie started with a counting lesson with 5 Little Hotdogs felt story. That was fun! 

Ms. Erika’s lesson for today was about emotions and how different experiences make us feel happy or sad. She showed pictures of things that make us happy and what makes us sad. 

You can make your own play dough face by drawing a face and using the play dough to make different emotions. Take a picture of it and don't forget to email your creations. 

10:30  Primary Circle Time

It was wonderful to see our friends this morning. Ms. Jen was happy to see everyone ready for today's lessons! She started off with the calendar and the weather using sign language. 

This week we are learning about reptiles. She talked about the characteristics of reptiles are: reptiles are cold-blooded; are four-legged  vertebrates; they have scales; most lay eggs but a few give birth to a live young; and reptiles breathe through their lungs. 

How do we know what are reptiles? Ms. Jen sang a felt story that Ms. Gabby made, and the children were able to distinguish the reptiles from all the other animals. 

Ms. Jen showed her pet box turtle named Franklin. Franklin is an omnivore and eats bugs, worms, and veggies. Ms. Jen showed the parts of the turtle. 

 Ms. Jen showed a thumbprint craft.

Before class ended, Ms. Jen had some teacher's notes. She asked if you are able to step outside in your backyard to see if you can spot a lizard sitting out in the sun. Remember, cold-blooded animals need to heat from the sun to warm their bodies. Send us your pictures. Here are some friends who found a few critters.