Lesson June 4

Posted by on Thursday, June 4, 2020
10:00 Toddler Class

Good Morning! We are happy to see everyone today! Ms. Annie and Ms. Erika have special lessons today. Ms. Annie sang the good morning song, and Ms. Erika told a dinosaur counting story, Five Enormous Dinosaurs. Next, Ms. Annie showed them some fossilized artifacts and mammoth hair. The children were amazed how big the a size of the tooth was. 

In our activity kit this month, we have a dinosaur egg. Parents soaked the egg in advance to soften it. Toddlers dug and dug to discover a special something inside. Ms. Annie demonstrated how paleontologists dug through layers of rock to discover dinosaur fossils. Keep digging and share with us what you dug up.

10:30 Primary Class

Ms. Monique is happy to see everyone today! Ms. Monique started with a dinosaur action song, and her daughter Myah showed us the dinosaur moves. The little ones stomped, turned around, and danced. Next, Ms. Monique read a dinosaur story. We learned some dinosaur facts. She introduced some sight words using the dinosaur stomp list. Enjoy learning about dinosaurs!