Lesson May 12

Posted by on Tuesday, May 12, 2020
10:00 Toddler Class

Happy Tuesday to all! Our toddler teachers were happy to see everyone this morning! This week’s topic is transportation. Ms. Erika showed our friends the different kinds of transportations. She sorted the kinds transportation that go on land, water, and air in a sensory box. You can make the box at home too. 

After Ms. Erika showed how to make the sensory box, Ms. Annie read us the story, The Wheels on the Race Cars. 

10:30 Primary Class

We’re happy to see our friends today! Ms. Jen said hi to everyone and told everyone how she loved all the videos you sent her for Teacher’s Appreciation. She misses everyone! 

To start the class, she did calendar, and our friends showed her through sign language what the weather is. For some children, it was sunny where the were; and for others, it was windy or cloudy. Wow, how we have different weather today!