Lesson May 20

Posted by on Wednesday, May 20, 2020
10:00 Toddler Class

We are happy to see everyone! Ms. Erika had planned several art projects today for our little ones. First, Ms. Erika made a hot air balloon using paper plates, some paint and stickers. If you don't have paper plates, you can cut a circle. Dab a few dots of paint on your circle; and after it dries, add you stickers. Add a rectangular piece of paper conencted by two strips of paper to make the basket. 

The next one is paper cars. You can use a toilet paper roll or just roll up a piece of paper. Tape the sides and cut a little opening in the center. This will be the opening for the car seat. Using black paper, cut circles for the tire. Cut a smaller piece of paper to glue on top of your tire for the hubcap. Attach this to the body of your car. 

The last project Ms. Erika made is the paper boat. 

We had a wonderful time today. The children showed the final art they made after the class. 

10:30 Preschool

Craft time with Ms. Cresca!

So happy to see our friends today! They seem to be ready to make a fun Baa Baa Black Sheep craft with Ms. Cresca today. Our students got the printout of their template and were following Ms. Cresca as she cut the pieces for the sheep. They watched her as she demonstrated the project step by step. In the end, the children made whimsical and beautiful touches with their sheep and sang the song, Baa Baa Black sheep. Enjoy singing the song and creating stories of your sheep. Please send us pictures of your sheep to post on our website.