Lesson May 5

Posted by on Tuesday, May 5, 2020
10:00 Toddler Class

Good morning everyone! We were happy to see everyone today! Ms. Annie started with today’s greeting. Ms. Erika talked about shapes and what we could do when we combine all those shapes. She had circles, ovals, squares, triangles, and rectangles! In the end, she made a butterfly! How fun! Make some shape cutouts and see if you can put shapes together and make something! 

Ms. Annie did a number lesson today. You can make these fun activities with your child. First is the sprinkle bag. Fill a quart bag or gallon bag with some sprinkles. Make sure you seal it well. Lay it flat on the table, and your child can use this to draw their numbers with their fingers. Another activity is finding numbers by using crayon and paint. You can draw on white paper and using white crayon. Draw numbers first on the sheet of paper, then have your child paint to find the numbers. 

10;30 Primary Class

Good morning, friends! We are in a brand new month! Ms. Jen started with the Pledge of Allegiance and followed with the weather. Our friends showed her how to sign sunny and hot. Then, she told a felt story of the Gruffalo. With a little bit thinking the mouse outsmarted the Gruffalo! 

Today’s craft project was making maracas. You would need a plastic egg, rice, sharpie, and tape. Fill the eggs and close. Attach the spoons and tape together. Decorate!

Lastly, Ms. Jen and Emma demonstrated how to dance the Mexican Hat Dance. Some parents joined their children in dancing. Hope you continue dancing tonight with your kids!