Lesson May 7

Posted by on Thursday, May 7, 2020
10:00 Toddler Class

Good morning friends! Ms. Annie started with the song, The More We Get Together. It was nice to see everyone today. Seems like some of our friends brought some of their stuff toys/ babies for circle. 

Ms. Erika did a felt story about mommies and their babies. Make sure to give mom a big hug and greet them on Sunday for Mother’s Day! 

Ms. Annie showed a number matching presentation using old Easter Eggs. She matched the quantities to the number symbol. It was fun counting 1-10. As you can see also, that the less quantities, the softer the sound it made. With more quantities, the louder the sound it made. Try it for yourself. 

We wish all our moms and grandmas a Happy Mother’s Day! 

10:30 Preschool

Happy Thursday! Since it will be Mother's Day this coming Sunday, we have a special class today with Ms. Cresca and her son Mason. Mason helped her mom conduct circle. Starting with the Pledge of Allegiance, then Ms. Cresca talked about mammals. Please check out your mammal printout this week for a booklet about characteristics of mammals, parts of a horse, vocabulary cards, and animal research booklets for the older children. She talked about parts of a dog and had Chewie, her Yorkshire Terrier, model the parts. The children were excited to see Chewie! 

After that, Ms. Cresca showed us how to make an origami dog. With a square paper, we folded it diagonally in half. Then, she folded two ends of the triangle to make the ears. You can fold another triangle for the muzzle. Draw eyes and a nose. 

Finally, Ms. Cresca talked about Mother's Day. The older students can use these sight words to make mom a card or just give her the biggest hug this Sunday!