Lessons April 14

Posted by on Tuesday, April 14, 2020
10:00 Toddler Class

We had a wonderful class this morning. It was nice to see our toddlers today! This week's lesson was about emotions. Ms. Erika talked about the many different emotions we have. She also taught how to sign them. Here's a video of how to sign different emotions. For today at home, try signing the kinds of emotions. Ms. Erika said to try to sign, happy. 

Ms. Annie had a felt great story time today. She told the story of There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. She said that it made her cry swallowing those things. For us, we only put food in our mouths! Then we will be happy!

10:30 Primary Class

We had a fun class this morning! It was wonderful seeing everyone! The children were ready for their lessons! Ms. Jen started with calendar and taught a new way to tell our weather using sign language. This is the Pinterest link for it. After the calendar, Ms. Jen read, Duckling Gets a Cookie by Mo Willems. That was a fun story! Next, she talked about our lesson for the week, Birds! She talked about the characteristics of birds: birds have wings, lay eggs, are warm-blooded, and have feathers.

She talked about parts of a bird. Ms. Gabby made a felt cutout of parts of the bird. Then, she talked about where birds live. Birds build nests for their homes. Ms. Jen showed an example of how to build your own nest at home. Birds gather many different kinds of materials to build their nests. They use straw, grass, twigs, feathers, and even hair. To bind them, they use spider webs and some birds use their own saliva. For our nest, we will use play dough. Here's a how to make your own bird's nest.



  • paper plate, bottom of frozen pizza card board (yes save those!), cardboard boxes. 
  • playdough (optional)
  • gather outside with a grown up twigs, grass, hay, flowers, leaves, etc..
  • plastic, paper, or wooden eggs or make your own playdough eggs.

  1. Arrange what you've gathered in a circular fashion to create a nest.
  2. Add eggs in the center. 

  • Note:  to make a specific egg, check out these birds eggs. You can paint or design your eggs by simply wrapping with paper mache then let out to dry. Paint and design eggs. 

Enjoy exploring and learning about birds - their nests and eggs! Send us your photos, and if you would like to share your child's projects to post on our website, just send a photo of the project. Other photos will only be for our yearbook. 

Emmy's bird's nest

Parts of a Bird Felt Puzzle

(if you don't have felt, you can paste the paper on a cardboard backing and cut the different parts. This can go on a container or a box lid or tray. You can use this as "work" on a space for work for your child. When it's time for independent "work time" at home, your child can choose these activities. 


Parts of a bird printout 
felt (or other materials)

Cut out the parts of the bird printout.
trace the outline onto a piece of felt 

If you do not have felt, color the bird first
These are the bird colors

and glue on cardboard or heavy weight paper. 
Cut the pieces
Your child can use these as a puzzle
Place in work area at home for work time. 

Emilia glued leaves, twigs, and bark.