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Montessori Child Development Center is devoted in carrying out the work of Dr. Maria Montessori. We strive to provide children with academic excellence, utmost care, understanding, guidance, respect, and a beautiful and safe environment.

We are an authentic Montessori school centered in nurturing the uniqueness of the developing child. Our school emphasizes greatly on respect. This transcends to all avenues: respect in education, respect for others,  respect for life, respect for the environment, and respect for one self.  Through respect, children grow and learn by understanding that they are an integral part of this world.

Dr. Montessori defined Casa Dei Bambini, as "children's home." It is a children's community, "a living vibrant community of children in which they should feel ownership and pride". Our school embodies the children's home. Each family and child is treated with respect and a part of the MCDC family. Each classroom is a "Prepared Environment", scientifically designed to meet the developmental needs of the child. Children are guided to explore, create, think, and discover their love for learning.

Our school fosters virtues such as love, peacefulness, compassion, humility in education, and kindness. Children imbibe values of respect for nature, caring for and acceptance of others, being proactive, and becoming a responsible member of society.

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