Little Hands, Big Heart

January 8, 2014

Last November 8, 2013, Supertyphoon Haiyan hit the Visayan Islands of the Philippines. For days, it has ravaged several regions and destroyed almost everything in its path. Many people have lost their lives; children orphaned, and almost every home and business was ruined. For those of us who have witnessed the destruction from the media reports, all we could do was sympathize, pray, help, and hope. Everyone around the world showed their love and support to the Philippines in many different charitable ways. It's amazing to see people's kindness, generosity, and compassion.

MCDC has partnered with A.I.D  Visayas (Artists of Davao) to auction donated artwork to raise money for the Philippine Typhoon Haiyan victims. The Hope Dove was created and auctioned. Prints were sold, and the profits collected were donated to help rebuild their homes and to provide aid for the orphaned children. The artwork was made by fingerprints of all children at MCDC. That means children from 18 months to 10 years old participated in this endeavor. Each fingerprint represented this concept: for change to happen, we must all come together. What started as one fingerprint became a masterpiece that all the children at MCDC are proud of.

Below is an excerpt from Choice Philippines written by Medical Doctor and Artist, Nina Custodio, AID Visayas co-founder:

"Typhoon Haiyan (Supertyphoon Yolanda) has caused much devastation and heartache.  So many lives lost, so many tears shed.  It is certainly heartwarming and encouraging to learn that so many people have unselfishly extended whatever help they can give to make the typhoon survivors feel that they are not alone.  To  know that these children freely gave what they could to show their concern is truly an amazing experience that should be shared with everyone.  These little hands that helped create the Hope Dove indeed, have the biggest hearts that does not only shows inherent human kindness but also proves that there is indeed hope for the future and it comes from the heart of the children.

Maraming Salamat, DEAR STUDENTS OF THE MONTESSORI CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER in Huntington Beach, California, USA.  Thank you very much for showing that you care!!  :) "  


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