The class size is small and inviting to make it feel like home for the youngest child. This is a period of self-development, learning self-help skills, and preparation to the Primary program. This is designed to assist the child toward independence, social awareness, respect, and the development of motor skills and language. Potty training is offered when the child is ready.


Three to six is the stage of the "Absorbent Mind". This is the period when conscious learning begin to develop. Children learn from their environment by direct interaction with the core Montessori materials. These are the formative years for laying the foundation for future learning. Interactions with friends during this three year period establish a community within the classroom.


This is a time when the child utilizes his or her ability for memorization, imagination, logic, and complex reasoning. Long blocks of time are allowed for greater concentration spans. Learning is done through imaginative intelligence rather than concrete. Children learn conflict resolutions, building character, and problem solving skills. Children take part in field trips, community service, and sport activities. 





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