Lesson April 9

April 9, 2020
Toddler Class: 

Ms. Annie and Ms. Erika were happy to see our all toddler friends this morning! Ms. Annie reviewed the colors the children learned this week and last week, did a color matching work, and a super fun color mixing experiment. Ms. Erika dd a felt story, Brown Bear Brown Bear by Eric Carle. After circle time, the children were able to say hi to everyone! 

Primary Class:

The children were happy to see their teacher, Ms. Monique. She started with the Pledge of Allegiance. This week's lesson was about fruit and vegetables. She asked the children that they can plant the seeds from bell peppers. First by drying them, then germinating them. She also tasted the bell pepper. Boy, it was sweet! We had several children who ate some bell peppers for snack. 

Today's sight words were: see, the, so, run, men, seen, so, no, now. An activity children can do is to spell out sight words by rolling out playdough and forming letters to spell the word. What a great activity!

Ms. Cresca read the Bad Seed by Jory John and Illustration by Pete Oswald. It's a charming book about a seed who is bad and decides that being bad isn't that great after all. Check out Harper Collins to purchase the book. If you missed story time here's the Bad Seed story video from Harper Collins Kids. 

At the end of Circle Time, Ms Monique introduced a craft project, How to Make Your Own Vegetable Garden. Since it was raining this morning, we couldn't really go out and plant. So why not create a garden art! You would need paper, scissors, and crayons. First, draw your vegetables and cut them out. Next to make your garden bed, draw a rectangle on another sheet of paper. Lastly, paste, glue, or tape your paper vegetables on your garden bed and now you have your own garden! 
Send us your pictures of your beautiful paper gardens!


Craft Time!

April 9, 2020
April 9

Toddler Teachers, Ms. Annie and Ms. Erika created a cute craft for the toddlers. They asked each family to prepare materials for the Bunny craft. With the help of their parents, the children were able to follow the step by step directions given. The result were adorable bunnies!

In the primary class, Ms. Jen demonstrated three crafts. First was the Bunny Spoon craft, next was the toilet paper roll craft, and lastly the Volcano Egg Coloring, which was a wonderful experiment the children ...
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April 6 Lesson

April 9, 2020

Today's Lesson with Ms. Jen

Ms. Jen was excited to see everyone this morning! The children sang their good morning song, recited their Pledge of Allegiance, read the calendar, and counted the days in English and Spanish. 

Today's lesson was about fruit. Ms. Jen asked the children what kinds of fruit they have at home. She also asked the children to look at their store-bought fruit and locate the country or US state where their fruit came from.

She also talked about a famous French artist and Pos...

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